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Don't Let Them Get You

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Don't Let Them Get You

(Music & Lyrics by Sinisa)

So here we are baby
After all these years
Don't know what to say
Don't know what to think
It's nice to see you again.

There's a picture in my memory
Of the day we first met
Those feelings I put inside me
And I'll never forget.

I ain't gonna take what people say
That's not the game I like to play
I'll treat you on my own way
The same as I did the time away.

Don't let them get you
Don't let them use you
After all your body will forget
But your mind gonna live with regret.

In this world so full of fears
It's hard to see a smile, only tears
No mercy, kindness disappeared.

So many things have really changed
So many dreams never fulfilled
So many people acting unkind
So many not satisfied.

Can't you see my baby
Some people just don't care
Gonna get whatever they want
No matter who's gonna pay for that.

We get only one life - long enough
Don't wait, don't hesitate
Tomorrow could be to late
Don't tell me there's nothing else you can do
You have to try and you'll see
That everything is up to you.

©1997 Sinisa Novakovic