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Friday Night

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Friday Night

(Music & Lyrics by Sinisa, Female Vocal Camilla Ehrling)

Move your body your lazy bones
This is a big town body hear the noise
It's friday night downtown
Hit the street feel the heat.

It's so fine after nine
Everybody's havin' good good time
Friday night downtown
It's amazing a little bit crazy.

If you looking for some really good action
Feel the taste of paradise
Stuff like pleasure and satisfaction
Or taking chances rolling a dice.

Friday night city lights
Everybody's moving feeling all right
Drink it up never stop
Downtown, downtown
On the friday night.

I used to stay as night is long
And wait for the last call for alcohol
Everytime and I feel so fine.

It really doesn't matter which way to go
All around you can hear the sound
Good good vibrations
On every street
You can feel the beat.

©1998. Sinisa Novakovic