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(Music & Lyrics by Sinisa)

I waited all night long
I'm still all right and I'm pretty strong
I can hardly hear your funny song
Don't do that honey it is wrong.

This is the place where I wanna be
You're the one I wanna see
I wanna hear and sing your song
Come on baby I know you're strog.

It's not a tension
I know you're loving' me
Ooooh…that's the way to be … yeah.

You got me feeling that I'm great
You got me feeling like
I'm the king of the state
You make me feel good
the way you should
It makes me lucky
keeps me with you.

Tell me that you love me, hold me
Tell me that you need me, feed me
Tell me that you want me, hunt me
Tell me that you'll stay with me.

Come on baby don't say maybe
Don't keep it inside, don't hide
You love the night, you love the light
You love me, you do
you, you, youuuuuuuu.

Is transformation
It's so celebration
You are loving me
Oooo … that's the way to beeeee.

©2011. Sinisa Novakovic