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So long My Sweet Heart

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(Music & Lyrics by Sinisa)

There is a new sense of freedom
a new sense of democracy
created in the hell and claimed by the demons
concepted on the destruction
concepted on the crime.

Shameful scenes never seen before
devil sings his song knocking on every door
deepest darkness in the Middle Edges
Haven't been so dark … so discourages.

The clang of the knives, disgraceful times
the state of hypocrisy cudgel of democracy
Democracy of lunatics dirty Nazy fanatics.

Shame, shame nothing but shame
conscience on a wire burning on in the fire
Wheels of disaster roll faster and faster
to save the faith now is too late
the evil is born it's name is Hate.

What means the life what means the death
When the church and state at any rate
Hire their hands to the criminal bands
What means the cry, what means the grief
When they put the ranks on the shoulders
Bandits and thiefs.
True birds sings far in line
Politic and Religions did burst
One more time.

©1994. Sinisa Novakovic